Monday, 15 October 2007

Fred vom Jupiter

Digging through some old vinyl, with the specific intention of transferring a bunch of stuff to MP3 for this here blog, I found one of my favourite early 80s singles, Fred Vom Jupiter, by die Doraus and die Marinas.

Issued in the UK in 1982, an early release from Daniel Miller's Mute Records (7 Mute 019), it originally appeared in Germany on Ata Tak (through Telefunken) and, thanks to the wonders of You Tube, you can see the awesomely cheap video for the singe here:

Fred was taken from their 1981 album Blumen Und Narzissen and, at that time, the Marinas consisted of five kids aged 11 to 14. Andreas Dorau is still recording, releasing his seventh album in 2005, although the Marinas only appeared on one further album, Geben Offenherzige Antworten Auf Brennende Fragen, released by CBS Germany in 1983. the single was a reasonable hit in Europe, making 21 on the German charts and a respectable number 13 in Austria.

As a little extra, here's the reverse of the original German sleeve.

Having problems transferring the MP3s at the moment, so will add the link to a downloadable version of the track soon. Until then enjoy the video (link above).


  1. The Maltese Penguin6 January 2012 at 19:02

    Anyone who still suggests that Germans have no sense of humour should be directed to this tune.

  2. Youtube link:


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