Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Pre-pubescent popsters

In 1982 Mike Mansfield, a successful TV pop programme producer with a string of hits behind him, embarked on a new project for the fledgling Channel 4: Mini Pops.

Mini Pops, for those who do not remember this televisual abortion, consisted of specially created video clips featuring children - all of who had yet to reach puberty - singing saccharine versions of current chart hits, disco classics and rock and roll standards. As if that were not nauseating enough, the kids were made to look like adults, complete with makeup and suggestive clothing.

Hated by the press, but loved by a certain audience - mostly grannies and paedophiles I'm guessing - The Observer summed up the programme's content by writing about 'primary school minxes with rouged cheeks, eye make-up and full-gloss lipstick belting out songs like torch singers and waggling those places where they will eventually have places.'

Labelled kiddieporn, junior jailbait and often worse, the Mini Pops lasted but one series on TV, but were an international hit, with a clutch of single and album releases.

In 2005 a television special Whatever Happened to the Mini Pops? was screened on Channel 4, featuring a history of the show and a reunion of some of the original members. This month the Mini Pops were once again featured on TV, as part of Channel 4's 25th anniversary celebrations.

There's a fan site at
www.geocities.com/minipopsmagic/ if you want to know more, and for a snatch of the poppet's Disco Medley, click on the link below.


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  2. http://abmp3.com/download/4776867-disco-medley.html

  3. The Mini Pops were pretty popular here in Canada, mainly because the television show was absent and the video tapes were incredibly expensive (prerecorded video cassettes cost somewhere in the vicinity of $30 in 1984). I have to give the Mini Pops credit though, they were very well produced as compared to their spin-off entitled "Mini Stars".

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