Friday, 2 January 2009

More from Cara

Apologies for those of you expecting the promised 'Best of...', before Christmas, but life kind of got in the way a bit. It'll come soon!
Mmmm..what time does the last moon leave? What a question.

It's another gem from the incomparable Cara Stewart. Yes, that's right - she managed to keep going, even after the ignominy of Song of the Burmese Land. This corker, another awesome song-poem (and one which, so far, appears to have escaped the CD compilers), stems from the pen of Henry J Sommers - who also wrote the lyrics to the a-side My Ladder of Dreams. It was released to an unsuspecting world in early 1971 on Advance Records, a moniker chosen by a number of different companies at different times although this particular one hailed from Yucca Street in Hollywood, just a few doors away from the one-time home of one of the greatest of all the song-poem labels, Preview.

It's worth noting the record's credit: Cara Stewart, Vocal, Lee Hudson Orch. Hudson advertised the availability of his 'orchestra' - Hudson's guitar and an orchestra simulated on a Chamberlin a la Rodd Keith but without Keith's bonkers originality - from as little as $16.75 (formerly $26!) in the back of many magazines in the early 60s. Although Hudson never owned a label himself, his productions - accompanied by the 'warm voice of Cara Stewart' - appeared on over a dozen imprints through the 60s and into 1971, when Hudson retired to San Francisco and closed up shop for good.


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