Friday, 16 January 2009


I can't express the delight on receiving a copy of this hard-to-find gem in the post shortly before Christmas. I've had an MP3 version for a while, but a few years back a small Spanish outfit, Vampi Soul, saw fit to make it available once more (although I doubt if any of the artists involved have seen a peseta!). Apparently only a few of the original 300 or so vinyl pressings of the oddly (or simply dyslexically)-titled Psychodelic Sounds made it out of the box, most having been ruined (legend has it) because they were shrinkwrapped at a meat processing factory!

Released on a private imprint in 1971, Jr and his Soulettes consisted of singer, guitarist and lyricist Harold Moore, Jr. (age 10), aided and abetted by his sisters Vinita Marie (9) on bass and organ, Denise Marshall (7) on drums, and Jacqueln Carol (6) on waw-waw (sic) organ.

It's a truly wonderful album, well worth seeking out. Think the Jackson Five meet Jimi Hendrix, played by the Mini-Pops. That they didn't go on to achieve the mega success of Michael and his brothers is a crime; obviously the US charts were not ready for Oklahoma's own heavily-fuzzed funksters, but when the kids let loose they really can cut it.

Of the 14 tracks on the album the instrumentals are surprisingly good. However, the vocal cuts (as typified in the track I've chosen for you here, the wondrous Momma, Love Tequila) are awful and - in so far as this blog is concerned - worth the price of admission alone.


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