Friday, 23 October 2009

You Silly Savage

Welcome to the uncomfortably fey world of Teddy and Darrel, purveyors of today's musical monstrosity - Strangers in the Night.

Those of you au fait with with the output of the legendary Camp Records (and if you're not, I'll post some of their ridiculous recordings at a later date) will recognise the modus operandi immediately: the vocalists swishing their way through a well known hit of the day, rendering it suitable for only the gayest of the gay or those idiots who find this sort of thing amusing.

This track, one of a dozen similar cuts on their Mira Records album These Are The Hits, You Silly Savage, (others include These Boots Are Made For Walking and Hold On, I'm Coming made the b-side of the duo's one and only 45, the flipside of which was an appalling meander through the Troggs' classic Wild Thing.

The 'musicians' hiding behind the T&D epithets are alleged to be nascent Hollywood scriptwriter Theodore Charach and writer/producer and erstwhile politician Mike Curb. Shame on them.

(to play Strangers In The Night, click on the arrow on the left of the player below. To download the track, click on the DivShare logo on the right)


  1. Oh keep up the good work. I can't get by a week without a dose of Sam Sacks.

  2. I have their "Wild Thing" 45. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Youtube link:


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