Thursday, 25 November 2010

Rockin and Rollin

Keen followers of The Worlds Worst Records will remember Wesley Horning of old - back in March I brought you the great Frank Perry with another or Wes's compositions, Dig That Beat.

As a little pre-Christmas favour I present to you today what has to be one of the single most peculiar recordings I have ever come across, W L Horning's performance of his own composition Rockin and Rollin.
It's insane; there's no other word for it. And no, that's not a skip you can hear on the record or a bad edit - it actually sounds like that. Basically what you have here is the backing track to Wesley's earlier composition Kiss Me, Kiss Me Baby sped up and played over three or four times with Wes singing the words to his latest 'hit' over the top. Kiss Me, Kiss Me Baby only lasts for a little over a minute at its normal speed, which is why in this crazed, hyperventilating version Wes is forced to skip the needle back to the beginning of the track time and time again.
The man is either nuts or brilliantly inventive - I know which description I prefer.
From next week, along with my faithful fellow bad music sleuth Ross Hamilton I'm going to be bringing you a collection of dreadful Christmas-inspired music, a new song each week through December, but for now enjoy the ramblings of Mr W L Horning and Rockin and Rollin


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner for "The World's Worst Record"!! This performance makes Sam Sacks seem professional and talented!

  2. Great site!!!! Thanks....please tell me how to email you...I'm not a music cop or insurance salesman...thanks!!!

  3. Wow !
    Do you have a releasing date for this masterpiece ?
    I prefer "inventively nuts", inventive like the H- bomb or the 9/11 commission report, nuts like nuts.

  4. Hi,

    I don't have an exact date I'm afraid, but judging by the other releases Wes is associated with I would pitch it at some time around the late 60s. I'm working on that assumption as Frank Perry recorded several tracks for Wes and ole Frank was most active from the late 60s (moving in to Film City after Rodd Keith checked out) until the mid 70s.

  5. What I like the most about this recording is its deep lyrical content.Profound,Thanks for this rarity.


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