Friday, 23 September 2011

A Little Help?

Hey everybody - I need your help. I started the World's Worst Records blog on September 28 2007, almost exactly four years ago. For a special anniversary posting I'd like to know the record you'd rate as the World's Worst (or just a favourite bad record) and that I've not yet featured on the site. The one that gets the most votes - or the one I like best - will be posted next weekend.

You can comment here or on the Facebook page. Thanks!


  1. For me the worst was Clive Dunn and Grandad. It hurts just to type the damn thing!

  2. Where can one begin to answer such a momentous request!?! (rhetorical question!)

    My two *favorites* (courtesy of your fine blog, Darryl) are:

    1) W.L. Horning: Rockin-And-Rollin
    2) The Rave-Ons: Happy Inside Of Me

    Honorable Mentions:

    Joah Valley: Help
    Paul McCartney: Temporary Secretary ;)

  3. Anything by the Everly Brothers

  4. I have always claimed that the worst record of all time is "Fish and Chips In Spain" by Grahame Lister, an Australian artist based in Britain doing a country-flavoured ditty on the pleasures of beach holidaying.

    "Si si Senorita, Monty Pyfon is me Bruvva-in-law..."

    I uploaded it here years ago: (I've got a bit better at blogging since...)

  5. Ray Odom 45, Torino SW72-6184, "I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love with You"/"Breaking Heart". Labels says 1972 Wooten Recording Company, PO Box 29004, Memphis, Tenn. I can't get anything on this label, but Ray Odom can't carry a note nor get the timing.


  6. I discovered your site today and spent the last three hours learning a lot about bad music.

    The German version of Lorne Greene's "Ringo" would be a good candidate for your anniversary posting:

    The story is nearly the same except the end: The singer KILLS Ringo - and that destroys the whole song. But of course this is turning a good song into a very bad cover version only if you understand German.

    Greetings from Berlin!

  7. Giorgio Chinaglia, '(I'm) Football Crazy'.

    The Welsh-Italian World Cup 'star' (he sat on the Italy subs bench at least once during the 1974 tournament) launches into a beautiful ditty about how he's the best footballer of them all, and how he looks forward to the occasions when the manager allows him to have sex.

    Yes, it really does contain the line 'trainer says some love tonight, allll right'.

    It is just immense on so many levels. Brilliant backing singers as well. In fact, I could fill your entire comments box talking about this record.

  8. Hey Windy, I'm thinking your Ray Odom could well be this man here:

    There's a younger, more tuneful Ray Odom still doing the CW rounds (you'll find him on YouTube), and I'm guessing he's this Ray's son - the article refers to a Ray Junior in the last paragraph.

    Coincidence? I think not!

  9. P.S - he also released a 45 on Rodeo Records, A Cowboy's Prayer (again, assuming this is the same guy). He's definitely going to be featured here soon!

  10. I think some of the most horrible records I've heard to date have been:
    E.T., I Love You by The Starlight Children's Chorus, L. Ron Hubbard's Road to Freedom, Gary S. Paxton's The Big "A" = The Big "M" - a cheerful anti-abortion song that manages to make Lil' Markie's Diary of an Unborn Child seem tasteful by comparison and, while not an officially released record, per se, I think Cal Miller's Git 'R Done has to be one of the worst songs I've ever heard. It panders to a braindead crowd, built on a stupid rural American catch-phrase and clocks in at nearly four minutes. Absolutely the worst!

  11. a special request, San Lucas Band - The Music of Guatemala

  12. Anything by Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, or Sting.


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