Friday, 20 January 2012

The Return of Mavin James

A real treat for you all today: the debut single by our very own Mavin James. If you thought Together In Iceland was strange have a listen to both sides of this utterly peculiar record and wonder.

For these tracks Mavin is joined by the Venatics (aka Russ, Joan and Neill). I’m assuming these three people are related to Mavin in some way – perhaps his long-suffering wife and two adult children? You can almost hear them cringing with embarrassment as they sing the lines of He-Be – Har-Be (All Join In), described on the label as a ‘disco/dance’. Released on Mavin's own Havasong label, I love the way that he has stolen its chorus from the Salvation Army’s battle cry, and the two-note trombone solo is a thing of pure joy, reminiscent in some way of the guitar solo on the Buzzcock’s Boredom – itself appropriated by Edwin Collins for the Orange Juice classic Rip It Up. Its flip Me-Me and You (a ‘disco/ballad’ apparently) is a sweet little love song with some nicely atmospheric guitar touches. But disco it ain’t.

Unfortunately no further information on the man has surfaced since I posted Mavin’s third single back in November, so you’ll have to make do with Mavin’s own sleeve notes – printed in urgent capitals on the actual cover, which I’ve transcribed for you here complete with original syntax and punctuation errors intact:

Mavin James was born and at the age of only 2 years following the positioning of his high chair near the piano, soon found he could master the theories of music. Within a very short time original melodies were flowing from his toes and his future seemed assured. However the advent of shoes ruined this promising career and he was a has-been at the age of 2½.

Later in his life having found that fingers play better than toes he continued to play piano but eventually settled on playing the organ to the consternation of his family and friends.

Discounting the first 50 tries which didn’t really count he sat down to write and play his debut record and at first try completed he-Be – Har-Be, Immediately following up with his disco ballad me-Me and You, which is particularly suitable for close dancing when you’re in a don’t care mood.

Somewhere between the brilliant He-Be – Har-Be/Me-Me and You and the even more wonderful My Dad/Together in Iceland is a second Mavin James single. I’ve yet to track it down, but the hunt is on.



  1. Mavin et al have reached a new pinnacle of...not sure what really but it is a pinnacle. Fantastic entertainment for all is badness, bless 'em.

  2. The legacy of a legendary genius continues to shine!
    No, not you Darryl... MAVIN!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. This is totally brilliant. I've listened to a lot of weird music recently, but this one... well.... words fail me.
    Please keep posting these incredible tunes, when I play them to people they look at me as if I have gone completely bonkers but the reality is they are about the only thing keeping me sane throughout the winter :)

    Best wishes


  4. Some background on Havasong. The company was established in 1979, and was still in business in 1995. Their mailing address was 169 Cecil Rd, Rochester Kent. Jim Hirst-Amos was the A & R manager.

    Getting back to "He-Be/Har-Be", did the organ player escape from an NHL stadium? LOL


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