Sunday, 30 August 2009

I Want Muscles (sorry Ms Ross)

Here's a real obscurity, a previously unreleased gem from the Joe Meek stable, Muscles by Ricky Wayne.
Ricky Wayne was body builder who later became Mister Universe. He couldn't sing, but to Joe Meek that was never a reason to stop the tapes rolling. Joe issued a 45 by Ricky on his Triumph label (backed by his house band the Fabulous Flee-Rakkers), but this cut - along with several others which have since turned up on compilations - didn't (ahem) make the cut.
Apparently Joe, who as we all know had his biggest hit with Telstar by the Tornados (the first record by a British group to top the American singles charts) but eventually committed suicide after being unable to come to terms with his homosexuality and sliding into depression, alcoholism and violent mood swings, rehearsed a stage show with Ricky, which climaxed in a striptease - some thirty five years before the Full Monty.

Wayne, who also co-presented Joe Meek's weekly slots on radio Caroline in the early 60s, was born Learie Carasco in St Lucia, but emigrated to England in 1960. After his brush with Meek - as Rick Wayne - he wrote numerous articles and books on bodybuilding before becoming interested in politics. He moved back to St. Lucia (where he still resides) and founded the St. Lucia Star and She Caribbean with his wife, former US bodybuilder Mae Mollica Sabbagh. Wayne even served as an opposition party Senator until 1998 when he was removed by then Prime Minister Kenny Anthony for his opposition of a government bailout of the failing St. Lucian airline. Our hero now hosts a politically-charged television talk show, where he is known for aggressive interviews and fiery comments.
A far cry from this drivel.



  1. The best use of said "muscles" would be in destroying this deplorable waste of vinyl--but then future generations couldn't enjoy this treasure. Thanks for the listen, Mr. Bullock!

  2. Youtube link:


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