The World's Worst Records Radio Show

Exciting news!

From Wednesday, 14 November 2018 you'll not only be able to read about the World's Worst Records online (or in book form), you will also be able to hear about them in glorious stereo!

Yes, The World's Worst Records now has a regular, one-hour radio show, and it's available online so anyone, anywhere in the world can listen in.

Join me each Wednesday at 2pm EST (7pm GMT) as I take over Sheena's Jungle Room, a whole station dedicated to exotic, odd and obscure music, for one whole hour of audio atrocities. You can comment as the show progresses, and I'll be along to answer your questions or respond to your comments. Sheena's Jungle Room is part of the WFMU family and is hosted by Mr. Fab, of the fantastic Music for Maniacs blog.

Please bear in mind that this internet station is uncensored, and you may occasionally hear the odd rude word. If I feature something on The World's Worst Records Radio Show that should not be heard by minors I will always attempt to flag that up before it airs.

Click here and then go to the Sheena's Jungle Room pop up player. You're all set! If you've missed an episode, you can stream it (or them) from the same page.

To learn more about the other shows on Sheena's Jungle Room, check out our Facebook page.

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