Saturday, 7 November 2009

More from Gleneil

Remember our friend Gleneil Roseman? He of Cheapy Chappy and Ito fame (Worlds Worst Records, January 2008):

Well, being the completest record nerd that I am I've yet to give up on discovering more on this man's brilliant career. So far I've managed to uncover precious little more info on our hero, apart from, finally, the complete tracklisting for the Cruise It album.

For those who, like me, can't get enough of this kind of thing the full album consists of just eight tracks, all seemingly self penned, and performed by Gleneil on bass, electric keyboards and vocals, George Reich on guitar and synth and Tom Curtis on acoustic guitar:

Easy Rock/Mr Music Man/Rockin' Chips/Serious Joke/Cheapy Chappy and Ito/Cruise It/How Much Wonder a Little Smile Can Do/Don't You Lose It.

Apparently GRM stands for Gleneil Roseman Music - a vanity project (stands to reason I guess) and there indeed was, as I thought, at least one further album, Soothing (catalogue number GRM 153031). Unfortunately I've not yet managed to find any more audio clips but, thanks to a Japanese trading site I have found the cover and label of the 12" single of Serious Joke/Cheapy Chappy and Ito (above).

If anyone has any soundclips from either album - or if they know of any other Gleneil releases - please get in touch.


  1. What ? Watering my mouth with hilarious shit and not even re- upping CHEAPY CHEAPY AND ITO ?
    Man, man, if You were a musician, I`d say: This behaviour could end up in that kind of music as it`s posted on "The World`s Worst Records"- do You want that to happen ?
    No ?
    Okay, then please send me the mp3...
    Thanks Daryll !

  2. Sorry: Darryl !

  3. Alright !
    I just heard the song !
    No need anymore to send the mp3 to me, rather: please DON`T !
    And please go on with the good work of the worst, very entertaining and eye- opening !

  4. i ripped this single and i have the A side from it called "serious joke"
    you can download it here:

    1. Longest shot I reckon, any chance of still hearing this?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Because all of the Gleneil links are dead I'll put up a new post soon (hopefully this weekend) with everything I have... those links should stay live for a while

  5. Billboard magazine of June 1 1985 lists two other releases by Gleneil:

    Serious Joke - 12 inch single - GRM GG-330511
    Reggae Dancin' Time - Groover-G 136

    Also Gleneil's real name may be Glen M Campbell, who was born in 1946

  6. your knowledge is stupendous. man.


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