Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I Can't Believe it's not better...

More mining of the endless seam of mediocrity that is the dark underworld of the song poem. This gem comes from the Hollywood Artist Record Co's series of compilations Music Of America. there are literally dozens of these albums out there, all with identical, patriotic covers and all fetauring around 20 cuts from would-be hit makers.

Today's track comes from what seems (judging by the catalogue number, anyway) to have been the 82nd such Music of America collection.

I Can't Believe was penned by Blanche Deschamps, and 'sung' (if you dare use the word) by Gordon Storm who, on the same album, also 'performed' such soon-to-be hits as Front Page Newsy and The Fiddler's Nightmare. A less-than-thorough search of the internets has revealed bog all about Gordon I'm afraid, although I think it safe to assume he's in no way related to one of my all-time favourite song-poem performers, the Halmark stable's Bob Storm.

So, with apologies for the lack of other info, here's Gordon Storm with I Can't Believe



  1. Hi Darryl-
    I don`t know why, but the "tune" is almost unplayable (on my computer at least), but from what I can hear in the background of noise, it seems to be an advantage (if there was a God, I`d say "an act of grace").
    Cheers, Joey

  2. Hi Joey,

    If you're having problems with the Divshare download, try the Rapidshare link - although the original recording is a little fuzzy and muddy

    Hope that helps,


  3. Thanks, Darryl !
    But I found out it was my computer, he suddenly made every music fuzzy.
    I told him to react like the week before (I don`t know the english word for "Systemwiederherstellung"...), now everything`s fine for wretched tunes to come...


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