Saturday, 16 July 2011

Kisses, kisses, kisses

Welcome to the mad, mad world of Josmar Gerona, a peculiar, androgynous Spaniard born in 1975 and troubling Mediterranean TV audiences since the mid-90s.

A precocious child, by the age of 12 young Josmar knew that he was to dedicate his life to this business we call 'show'. By 16 he was presenting his own programme on a local radio station and within two years he had moved on to regional TV, working as a technician at Television Costa Brava.

He first came to prominence when performing as a singer on Semaphore, a nationally-televised programme from Spanish broadcaster TVE and before long Josmar was popping up all over the place, his highly animated performances becoming a highlight of early evening television. After all, what self respecting Spaniard wouldn't want to nibble on their tapas whilst watching a hulking great bloke prance around a TV studio dressed in litle more than a fringed leather jacket and a swimming costume? Unsurprisingly the raven haired, scantily dressed chubbette started to attract the attention of record producers, releasing his first single, Black and White, in 1998.

Since then Josmar has split his time between his nightclub act (Divine would have been proud), radio and TV appearances, and has continued to release the occasional record, including Spanish camp classics Hot Boy and Girls. The Hot Boy video has to be seen to be believed: Josmar eats yogurt out of a Tupperwear box before cavorting on his (sadly) single bed with a toy rabbit, undressing and enjoying a bubble bath. It's like something out of an Almodovar movie. A failed Eurovision attempt notwithstanding, Josmar is still at it today, probably prancing around a Spanish stage as I type this.

Today I present to you one of Josmar's recent forays into the world of music, Kisses, along with the truly awesome Hot Boy video. Enjoy!



    Saw this, thought of you.

  2. Josmar should do a duet with American singer Antony!
    They both "sing" in English--sort of!

  3. I could only make it through 60 seconds of each of those. I think this is what they should make terrorists listen to.

  4. Josmar's "Hot Boy" shares several of it's main, eh, attractions with the 1987 hit "Hot Girl" performed by Italian popstar Sabrina, in its own right a bad record:

  5. Hi, I'm from Spain and I've never heard about him. The worst is that his first name, "Josmar" is an apocope of a composed name: "Jose Maria", which is a male name. Is the most douche I've ever seen!!!!!

  6. The lip-syncing in "Hot Boy" is worse than the song, which is saying something!


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