Friday, 27 February 2015

This Is Elvis

Come on in and meet the elusive Elvis Pummel, the primitive rock ‘n’ roller often referred to as Swedish but seemingly from Dortmund, Germany – a place where genius and madness merge into a subtle duet.

Equipped with a '50s Hofner guitar Elvis Pummel first came to prominence in 1998, appearing on the Voodoo Rhythm compilation The Penetrating Sounds Of,,,, although he’d been playing his own brand of psychobilly since at least the mid 1980s, first in the band Barnyard Blitz before striking out on his own, weird musical journey.

Since then he’s issued at least half a dozen EPs and 45s. Many of his songs last for a minute or less: eight tracks appeared on his first EP Original 50s Punk; ten were crammed on to the 2001 EP Elvis Pummel And His Wild & Primitive Soundsystem – On Board. The majority of his earlier releases were complied on the 56 track collection Elvis Pummel – Recalled To Be Executed, issued in 2006. He’s still gigging – and issuing sporadic releases - today

Reviewing his first release, Blue Suede News magazine wrote: ‘If you think Hasil Adkins with his distinctive, raunchy one man-band music is a true stylist and genius, you might like this effort.’ I think that undersells him somewhat. Adkins has a similar primitive rock ‘n’ roll approach, and there can be no doubt that both musicians have been resolutely ploughing their own perverse furrow, but Adkins’ productions are akin to Phil Spector’s when compared to Pummel’s – and Adkins can (or at least could) sing: no matter how much you may like Pummel’s distinctive voice you could hardly call him a great singer.

Anyway, have a listen to a few tracks from Elvis Pummel And His Wild & Primitive Soundsystem – On Board and decide for yourself. 


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