Saturday, 15 May 2010

..and the winner is

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the worst record I have heard in years - possibly in my life. It encapsulates everything that is wrong with 'music' today. I cannot begin to describe how nauseous this makes me. It sounds like C3P0 vomiting into a Melodica.

It's just shit.

Once upon a time the sporadic use of a Vocoder could be justified, but to have your entire output passed through Autotune - which only exists to enhance the voice of people who can't sing in the first place - is pathetic. People who buy this dross - and, apparently, millions have done - should be shot.

End of polemic; back tomorrow with another super slab of incorrectness courtesy of the excellent Ross Hamilton


  1. Human beings actually took the time to 'create' this product. We, as all of humanity, should really be ashamed. You are correct about this one 100%

  2. The sample with the 'autotune' at the start is actually from a song by Imogen Heap called Hide and Seek ( When it is sampled by this bellend it sounds like all the other crud out there, but listen to the original and you have to admit it is a great piece of music with a lot of emotion. Its also not autotune but its midi-offsetting that is being played while she sings.

    But yes - this guy should not be allowed to breed.

  3. That Imogen Heap song has another life in viral video parodies adding another layer of laughability to this turkey.


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