Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Lovely Linda

A recent Ebay purchase that only arrived a couple of days ago, but one which I had to share with you immediately. This is another fabulously mundane performance from Frank Perry, the poor man's Rodd Keith, pressed on yet another of Sandy Stanton's many, many song-poem-cum vanity imprints Opossum.

Opossum, it appears, existed primarily to release songs penned by Bob Petersen and his occasional cohort John Pulignano, the man who had previously "composed" What Is A Mother which appeared on yet another Sandy Stanton label, the much better known Film City. Bob, under his full name Robert E. Petersen, was also the author of Girl Friend Blues which, in 1963, was recorded for but unreleased by (apart from an acetate recording credited to Cowboy Bob) the semi-legit Cowtown Records.

There's not a lot else I can tell you here that longtime WWR followers won't already know (or can't look up elsewhere on the site), so for now just sit back and enjoy the ridiculously banal I Need Your Love, Linda by Frank Perry with the "Swinging Strings".

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