Friday, 14 June 2013

Buzzard's Circling

Today’s coupling comes from the stable of song-poem stalwart Tin Pan Alley, courtesy of the uniquely untalented Madelyn Buzzard: Our Own USA - a fine piece of flag-waving patriotism - and its terrible, tuneless flip What Will Love Do?

But what do we know about Madelyn Buzzard – apart from the fact that she simply cannot sing? There’s absolutely no info out there on the internet, and nothing in the Billboard archives – TPA had long since stopped advertising their wares there.

Her name first appears in the Tin Pan Alley catalogue around June 1968, while the company was still operating from its Broadway offices. During this period, post the passing of TPA founder Jack Covais but before the company moved to Florida, TPA employed a number of sub-standard vocalists, but none quite as inept as our Madelyn. This particular coupling appears to have been one of her final releases: of the half-dozen 45s I’ve been able to track down, all appear to have been issued in the summer of 1968.

An actress by the same name appeared in the cult horror Three on a Meathook (based loosely on the real-life story serial killer Ed Gein), the Blaxploitation drama Combat Cops (as Whore #1) and on stage in a number of plays including Twelfth Night and Here Lies Jeremy Troy – but is she the same person? No doubt someone out there knows.


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