Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hoopy Hey Hey!

Welcome to the 100th World Worst Records post.

I wanted to give you all something a bit special for this centennial posting, so I’ve compiled a CD’s worth of song poems – 28 in total – just for you. There have been a number of song poem compilations issued over the years, but none of the 28 songs included here have, to the best of my knowledge, appeared on any of these collections – although a few have appeared in this blog over the last four years.

Now, 28 terrible records would probably be a bit much, so this compilation mixes the truly terrible with some of my all-time favourites. In other words, not every track in this collection deserves the epithet ‘world’s worst’, but I thought you’d rather a cross-section of song poems than almost eighty minutes of brain-deadening awfulness.

The collection, which I've named Hoopy Hey Hey (if you listen to the track Tipsy Ippsy you'll see why) features some of the titans of the song poem world: Rodd Keith, Dick Kent, Cara Stewart, Ralph Lowe, Bob Storm, Sammy Marshall and Gene Marshall among them. The Full track listing is as follows:

Happy Inside of Me – The Rave Ons (From one of the many Columbine The Now Sounds of Today albums)
Who’s Going to Kiss You – Lance (Tin Pan Alley 45)
My Wife Ain’t Lazy – The Downtowners (Rodd Keith) (Preview 45)
Jenny Beloved – Dick Kent (MSR 45)
Fly With Me My darling on a Rocket to The Moon – Gene Marshall (Preview 45)
Oh, Oh, Baby – The Downtowners (Rodd Keith on lead vocals) (Preview 45)
Just Remember I Love You – Dick Kent (Songuild 45)
It was God’s Love – Dick Lee and the Singing Strings (Action 45)
Space Gyronpacer – Lisa Donovan (From a different Columbine The Now Sounds Of Today collection)
Tipsy Ippsy – Sonny Marcell (aka Sammy Marshall) (Frank Lyle Buck 45)
Life – artist uncredited (probably Mary Kimmell) (Halmark 45)
Peacepipe or Tomahawk – Sammy Marshall (aka Sonny Marcell) (Sigmar 45)
Jubilee (In The USA) – John Fluker (Columbine EP)
Three Little Children – Carolyn Boyle (Nu-Sound 45)
I Saw Jim Reeves Up There – The Country Swingers (Blu-J 45)
Bringin’ Back the Twistin’ – Buddy Raye (aka Dick Kent) (from one of the many Sunrise Records Hollywood Sessions albums)
Marinella – Larry London (Jody 45)
I’ll Ask God to Save You Some Wings – Mike Thomas (Tin Pan Alley 45)
What Time Does the Last Moon Leave? – Cara Stewart with the Lee Hudson Orchestra (Advance 45)
I’m the Cat – Ralph Lowe (Columbine 45)
Too Many Tigers – Rodd Keith (Preview 45)
The Barbershop – Singin’ Jack Curran (Dolly-O 45)
Better Than Gold – Sue Romm (Columbine EP)
Pan Handling (A Big City Man) – Bob Storm (Halmark EP)
An Ode to Our Lady – artist uncredited (probably Jack and Mary Kimmell) (Halmark EP)
Phoney Tony – Debbi Davis (MSR 45)
The Gipsy in my Soul – Rodd Keith (MSR 45)
Foolish Heart – The Rave Ons (From the same Columbine The Now Sounds of Today album as the opening track)

Download them (it's a big file, mind, almoss 100Mb), cut them to CD, print of the little insert I’ve knocked together for you too and enjoy.


  1. Noooooooooooooo!!!!
    It's too much--I can't take it! ;)

  2. I don't believe it!!!!

    The Rave-On's "Happy Inside of Me" (should have been the 'A' side and "Foolish Heart (could have been the 'B' side) would have made a great 45 single! I feel better already just thinking about that possibility!

    "Happy Inside of Me" indeed!


    You are the only person I know of who can truly appreciate the link. It is a strange brew of Middle Eastern cheese pop and Western music that the Arabic site owner thinks is cool.

    I especially like the deadlinked wallpaper, but wait and see how amazingly bad it can get. Download some of the songs.

  4. Damn! I think I've missed this one. If you have the time for a re-up?

  5. "Tipsy Ippsy" is the one I'm looking for

    (added this second comment because I did'nt see the "notify me check box".......)

    1. Hi Bob: email me at and I'll send you the MP3


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