Saturday, 15 September 2012

An apology

In light of the current turmoil in the Middle East I've decided to delete this week's WWR post. I aim to inject some fun into your Fridays; the death of an innocent diplomat is just not funny and I can see how insensitive the post may have appeared.

I'll be back next Friday with something a little more appropriate.


  1. I bow to your decision. And, besides the diplomat, there were 3 others who were brutally slain. And, untold injured. America is & was a controversy. Thank you for your action.

  2. 9/16/12
    RobGems.Ca Wrote:
    That was noble of you to delete the blog about the John Wayne album. There are still many veterans even in the 21st Century who are still passionate about defending their country even decades after the sour thoughts about "The Green Berets" film among other things have long faded from memory. Keep in mind, though that there are still many on the Left here in the U.S. (who want to see Obama serve four more years in a re-election landslide) who still don't share the sympapthy and change of heart that you had, and still do think that attacking a Middle-East terrorist (even if he or she is a Al-Quaida terrorist) is considered racist. Keep up the faith & never give up your beliefs.


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