Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Squire Presents

Long time WWR contributor Ross Hamilton, aka The Squire, has just posted his latest podcast - featuring yours truly prattling on about my 20 favourite bad records. The track listing (below) will be familiar to many, but it includes a couple of songs I've not featured here before.

You’re The Only One For Me – Hank & Jimmy
Moon Crazy – The Planets
Der Holler Rache (Queen Of The Night Aria) – Florence Foster Jenkins
Downtown – Mrs. Miller
Yodel Blues – Sam Sacks
Sweet Angelina – Mister “G”
Jenny Beloved – Dick Kent
How Long Are You Staying – Bill Joy
Portland Rose Song – Bert Lowry
Prends Moi – Mme St. Onge
I Love Little Pussy – Little Macy
Jesus Loves Me – Baby Lulu
Phase “1 2 3” – Ken ‘Nevada’ Maines
Marinella – Larry London
Cousin Mosquito – Congress-Woman Malinda Jackson Parker
Fluffy – Gloria Balsam
It’s All Rite… - Barbara Markay
Mr. Tambourine Man – William Shatner
Paralyzed – The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
I Want My Baby Back – Jimmy Cross
Fancy a listen? You can find it (and download it if you wish) right here . Many thanks Ross, it was great to finally meet you, share a pint and chat about our joint obsession.

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