Friday, 9 May 2014

Mr Jordan (Part Two)

A few weeks back I introduced you to some of the later work of composer/producer Paul Vance, the man whose career began with the huge hits Catch a Falling Star and Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and ended with the massive, but dreadful, Playground In My Mind and Without Your Love (Mr Jordan).

Without Your Love (Mr Jordan), is a revolting song recorded by singer Charlie Ross – who had previously been the bassist and singer of the moderately successful 60s group Eternity’s Children - about a couple who on the surface appear to be deeply in love with each other but who, the listener soon discovers, are both conducting illicit affairs. This horrid record reached Number 42 in the US charts (but went to Number 13 in the Country Music listings) and its success inspired Vance and his co-writer Perry Cone to pen a follow-up, Without Your Love, Mr Jordan - Part Two.

Issued a year later, as the B-side to another Vance co-write Lady Loretta, this time the disc failed to chart. But here it is, and it’s even more ghastly than the original. I've included Lady Loretta as well: although it's rubbish it's nowhere near as godawful as the flip.

Like the original it’s a duet; again like the original the featured female singer is uncredited. We know that Vance had a habit of pulling in the various members of his family to sing on his productions, but as far as I am aware this is not one of them. Whilst in Eternity’s Children Ross was accompanied on vocals by Linda Lawley; although at this stage I cannot confirm if the singer is her or not, perhaps someone reading this will know. maybe we'll find out when Paul Vance issues his autobiography later this year.


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  1. The middle section with the fake radio station is really bizarre!


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