Friday, 21 November 2014

Oh Mother!

I've featured several Spanish acts here previously - including Los Punk Rockers, the pseudo-punk group who covered the entire Sex Pistols album Never Mind the Bollocks note for note, and the flamboyant, cross-dressing disco dunce Josmar Gerona - but until now I've not featured today's act, Jose Angel.

And I've ignored Joe principally because I've been unable to track down any information about him. Although the song I feature here today is all over the internets the dozens of posts, YouTube videos and references all seem to stem from the same single copy of his solitary single - the heart-warming ballad Mother I am a Gay Christian (Madre Soy Christiano Homosexual). 

Sounding like an outtake from an early Almodovar soundtrack – or the music to an 80s chocolate commercial – this 1979 single appears to be Jose’s one and only release. I've found his name attached to three other songs on MySpace, but of those there's only one that could possibly have any link - a song entitled No Te Modernices, performed by Juan Manuel but (possibly) written by our Jose.

Looking for all the world like legendary porn star Ron Jeremy (sans his famous moustache), in Hawaiian shirt, white slacks and brown loafers, Jose's song is a cry for acceptance, one that - I guess - will resonate with many men who struggle to balance their personal lives with their sexuality and their religious beliefs:

Mother, do not be sad, face of the Virgin,
I'm here for you
Mother, go ahead, You do not have fear

I am not a thief stealing hearts,
I have a heart, and it’s a good heart.
Who marginalises us is committing an error.

Mother, in my soul I feel a great pain,
For those who are marginalised without reason.
Mother, those who marginalise us, I think, sin against God

We think of the body and the soul
But I have a fragile heart,
Who marginalises us makes a error

Mother, I'm gay Christian,
It doesn’t matter that they’re whispering that I am a gay Christian.
Mother, I'm a gay Christian,
It matters more that I communicate,
Because I am a Christian homosexual

I mean, everyone, especially those who marginalise us,
We homosexuals are people like them, they will see.
We are not animals come from hell, we already carry a very large cross in life
So get over it; put that accusation behind us.
Think for a moment about the possibility of having a gay son.
My intention is not insulting, but I want you to accept me as a person.
So my song says: Mother, I am a Christian homosexual.

If it were not for the earnestness of his words I would have assumed that this was a spoof - perhaps something put together for a comedy show. the song has also turned up on the CD-only compilation La SANA Presenta Spanish Bizarro Volume 6. If anyone has any further info on Jose of his obscure disc please do let me know.


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