Monday, 13 April 2015

Volume Two

Did I tell you I had a book out? Here's some blurb from the press release.

Available from April 1 2015, The World’s Worst Records Volume Two tells the extraordinary but true stories behind some of the most appalling audio crimes ever committed to vinyl. 

An affectionate look at some of the most peculiar recordings ever made, read about how Frank Sinatra was forced to record a song about singing dogs; discover Billy Joel’s secret past as a heavy metal icon; try and work out what was going on in Elton John’s head when he recorded his bizarre version of Give Peace A Chance, and find out which Bob Dylan record is so bad even Dylan himself hates it. Meet the Spanish Sex Pistols, Sweden’s very own Elvis and marvel at the American President who recorded a duet with his dog.

Extensively researched, and featuring music by major stars, ‘outsider’ artists and almost forgotten singers and songwriters, The World’s Worst Records Volume Two is the second book from Darryl W. Bullock, and is the companion to his first book, The World’s Worst Records Volume One. Darryl is a writer and publisher who has been editing his acclaimed bad music blog, also called The World’s Worst Records, since 2007. The blog has brought him into contact with many of the performers of these awful recordings, some of whom were happy to be interviewed for this new book - including former Radio One DJ David ‘Diddy’ Hamilton, US child star Troy Hess and cult Australian performance artist Chainmale - and some who were not!

With over 250 pages and illustrated throughout, The World’s Worst Records Volume Two is the first book from Bristol Green Publishing Ltd., a local company specialising in bespoke print publications for small, green and ethical businesses.

The World’s Worst Records Volume Two is available worldwide from Amazon.


  1. Will def be placing my order soon. I keep Vol 1 in the bathroom - not a value judgement! (Tho considering the quality of some of the music in the book...) It's a great book to grab, open randomly and read for a few minutes - perfect for the potty.

    Never did get around to downloading the collection that was meant to accompany it. And I see that it is one of your div share victims. Request re-up?

    1. Fr you, sir, anything:

  2. Thank you for this, it was great to see something in print on Los Punk Rockers. It's a pity that other bands didn't receive the LPK treatment - The Clash, Ramones, Stooges, The Damned?? Also the rest of it is superb too.



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