Saturday, 4 July 2015

The World's Worst CD

Out now - and available from Amazon in the US - is the World's Worst Records CD, an exclusive compilation which features many of the songs discussed in the two World's Worst Records books.

The CD includes rare - and otherwise unavailable - tracks from such bad music legends as Mrs Miller, Leona Anderson, Rodd Keith and 'Little Marcy' Tigner, plus song poem favourites Ralph Lowe, Dick Kent, Bob Storm and many, many more. 23 tracks - more that one whole hour of utterly appalling music.


Florence Foster Jenkins - Adele's Laughing Song/Mrs Miller - Ma, He’s Making Eyes At Me/Ralph Lowe – I’m The Cat/Dick Kent - Jenny Beloved/Mme St. Onge - Prends Moi/Larry London - Marniella/The Planets - Moon Crazy/Ken “Nevada” Maines - Phase “1-2-3”/Elmer S Galloway - Your Voice is Like A Song/W L Horning - Rockin and Rollin/Reco - Jolly Jolly Buddy Buddy/Sam Sacks - Yodel Blues/The Romany Sisters - The Space Ship Blues/Mister “G” - Sweet Angelina/Leona Anderson - The Mama Doll Song/Marcy Tigner - Shake Me, I Rattle/Baby Lu-Lu - Jesus Loves Me/Rodd Keith - Pretty Boquet/Michelle Cody - Merry Christmas, Elvis/Ellen Marty - Bobby Died Today/Bob Storm - Bobby/Jack and Mary Kimmel - An Ode To Our Lady/Bert Lowry (with Rod Rogers) - Portland Rose Song

All tracks have been carefully remastered from the original vinyl pressings, with pops, clicks and other surface noise removed to present these tracks in the best possible quality. They have never sounded so good.

Unfortunately the disc is not currently available outside of the US (although you can. of course, order from from anywhere in the world), but I hope to make it available in Europe soon. If you can't wait, why not go grab a copy now?

Also available is a new (rather short) book on the life and career of Florence Foster Jenkins. More a booklet than a book - weighing in at a huge 50 pages! - you can get this in the US and the UK. Florence Foster Jenkins: the Diva Of Din may be brief, but it's very cheap: only £3.99/$6.99!

If you've already read the first book you'll know most of this stuff already, but with a movie based on her life (starring Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg) on the way, what better time could there be to learn more about this extraordinary woman?

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