Saturday, 2 November 2013

Download issues

I understand that several of you have been unable to download recent posts. The tracks appear to be streaming - I always check this before I make a post 'live' - but for some reason the privacy settings at DivShare seem to have changed and many of you have been thwarted in your attempts to grab the most recent audio atrocities.

Never fear - a solution is here!

Here are the audio files from the last four WWR posts. Grab 'em now. And then, while your enjoying a moment in musical hell, go buy my book! To download the tracks simply right click on the player and choose 'download document' or similar.

Let me know if you have any other problems. I know the Box player is ugly compared to the DivShare one, but if this works better for you all I'll use The Box in future - unless anyone knows of a more elegant solution.


Jess Conrad: Mystery Girl

Jess Conrad: The Big White House

David Wigg: Life is Complicated

David Wigg: Turning Round

Jimmy Arthur Ordge: Storytime & Prayers

Wink Martindale: Deck of Cards

Max Bygraves: Deck of Cards

Robert Powell: Once Upon a Time

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