Friday, 1 November 2013

Once Upon a Time

Here's a real horror for you: a single by former Jesus, and Jasper Carrot sidekick, Robert Powell.

A treatise on the subject of creation - how ironic that it would be delivered sonorously by a man who will forever be identified with the part of Jesus of Nazareth - It should come as no surprise that the man behind this pretentious prattle is one Richard Hewson - aka the RAH Band. Outside of his 70s hits as the RAH Band, Hewson is best known for his work as an arranger, having scored strings for the Beatles (he worked with Phil Spector on the string arrangements for the Let It Be album) Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Cliff Richard and many, many more.

For some odd reason this wasn't a hit. Issued by Logo Records (an RCA imprint) in 1978 - that same year that Powell took the leading role of Richard Hannay in the third film version of John Buchan's the Thirty Nine Steps - The track turned up recently on the catch-all compilation You Are Awful...But We Like You. I haven't bothered with the B-side (the ridiculously-titled Laudate) as it's exactly the same track with Bob's vocal performance wiped.



  1. i got You Are Awful...But We Like You ands it is TERRIBLE musix, but we can't stop playing it can we, no we can't..

  2. Ha! It's like a Biblical Bolero or something equally twisted.

  3. What a stinker ................... fantastic !


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