Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Cavalcade 2013 (Part Three)


Hello and welcome to the last of this year’s ‘new’ Christmas-themed posts. I’ll be revisiting Christmases past for one last time on Sunday, but until then here are a couple of awful pieces of nonsense to get you in the mood.
First up is Paul Di’Anno with his version of Gary Glitter’s Another Rock and Roll Christmas. Masquerading around the internets as an Iron Maiden track, this cover of everyone’s favourite child molester’s perennial hit was in fact recorded by the band’s original vocalist: he appeared on their first two albums and the import EP Maiden Japan, the original cover of which featured the group’s mascot, Eddie, holding Di’Anno’s severed head. Tasteful.

Di’Anno’s stab at Christmas immortality originally appeared on the album Metal Christmas, issued in 1994. That album also featured former Wings and Moody Blues singer/guitarist Denny Laine – and you can’t get much more metal than that! Absolute garbage from start to end; my unending thanks to Pope Omnipuscle for bringing this piece of crap to my attention.

Today’s second track is from the granddaddy of outsider music, Tiny Tim and his version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Issued in 1994, almost two decades after his brief spell in the showbiz spotlight and just two years before his untimely death, Tiny Tim’s Christmas Album is one of the more palatable of Herbert Kahury’s late-period releases and well worth searching out if you like the sound of falsetto-voiced ukulele players murdering Christmas classics.

That’s you lot for now, see you on Sunday.


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  1. 12/20/13 Wrote:
    Were you planning to put Tiny Tim's "Santa's Getting Ayde's For Christmas" up on your blog soon? I consider this Christmas related track to be more troublesome than the "Rudolph" cover. Tim got into some controversy for having recorded a song about Santa Claus taking "Aydes" diet candy for Christmas to lose some weight, but many observers who never heard of the song thought that Mr. Tim was referring to Santa having "AIDS", the trans-mitted disease that killed a lot of homosexual people, and non-homosexuals (through tainted blood transfusions, such as tennis athlete Arthur Ashe) alike. This mis-conception makes this song a monstrosity alone. It was ironic in the fact that many people thought mr. Tim was (falsely) homosexual during his life & career because of his trans-sexual mannerism on stage, his choice of clothing, and of course, his effimate long hair. Born a half-Jew and a half-Arabian, Mr. Tim (as Herbert Khaury) was a very religious person during much of his private life,often abstaining from sex and debauchery, which frustrated two of his three wives over the years, including Miss Vicki Budinger. Because he had so little sexual attraction from his wives, he was mistaken to be gay by many people. He was in fact raised by Catholocism by his father Bhutros Khaury, and his mother Tilly Khaury, even though they both wished their son would originally enter the ministry for a life-long career, instead of taking up show-biz which they considered to be sinful. Khaury/Tim nevertheless enjoyed his career, however fleeting it was, and continued to perform until his 1996 death at a ukulele convention, still performing onstage. Ironically, the last song he ever performed for an audience in life was his only Top 40 hit in the U.S., "Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me." RIP, Herbert Khaury/Tiny Tim.


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